We are excited to highlight the work of another amazing provider recently seen in action at a partner school, Unique Robinson! Unique is a writer, performer, and artist who works with young people across several grade levels to inspire and empower them to use words to tell stories that matter.

Earlier this year, Unique worked with some of the brilliant students at Western High School to create a book of poems representing the students’ individual and collective experiences and stories. The poems demonstrate a variety of poetic styles and influences students had the opportunity to experiment with during Unique’s multi-day residency in collaboration with their English teacher.

Watching Unique work with students was a powerful experience even as an observer. She approaches her work with students with respect, care, and energy that supports all students in feeling successful as writers, poets, and storytellers. To learn more about Unique and her work in schools, check out her directory listing

In addition to her work in schools, Unique will be hosting an upcoming teacher workshop at the BMA in connection with their new exhibit, “The Culture: Hip Hop and Contemporary Art in the 21st Century.” From the BMA: “This interactive teacher workshop will focus on the evolution of hip hop culture, its history, and the recognition of its highly influential, yet often overlooked, contributions to the literary canon in the United States. Participants will discuss this evolution while exploring their own creativity through activities that can be easily adapted to a classroom setting.” Learn more and register here.