All Baltimore City Public Schools are eligible to apply for up to $2,500 in funding to support arts experiences including field trips, performances, and teaching artist residencies.

Benefits to Schools

School grantees can apply for up to $2,500 in arts/arts integrated experiences. Applicants should review the Arts Every Day Arts Directory for approved partners and programs. Once accepted, grantees will be given login credentials to access and book programs through the Directory. AED will process payments directly to Arts and Cultural Partners.

Arts Every Day’s Arts Directory includes a variety of programs and experiences from a breadth of Arts and Cultural Partners, including:

    • Off-site performances, such as theater, dance, and music performances at theaters throughout Maryland
    • Off-site programs, such as museum and cultural institution visits.
    • Transportation to and from any off-site experience in the Arts Directory.
    • School-based programs and performances, including assemblies, residencies, workshops, and more.

Please note that all Arts and Cultural Partners listed in the Arts Every Day Arts Directory have agreed to work in compliance with Baltimore City Public Schools’ fingerprinting and background check processes as well as in alignment with Arts Every Day’s mission and vision.  If you would like to book with a Provider who is not listed in the Directory but you think meets the criteria, please contact Sam Green at to discuss eligibility. 


    • Arts Integration Schools Partnership is open to all Baltimore City Public Schools.
    • Any school-based staff (administrators, educators, community school coordinators) may apply on behalf of their school.
    • Schools may apply for up to two grants per school year, though preference is given to schools who have not yet received funding in a given year.



Grantee Responsibilities/Commitment

Educators and/or administrators may apply on behalf of their school. As a part of the application process, schools must complete and return the Grant Agreement document as well as provide an explanation of how the planned program will benefit students.

Once accepted, grantees will receive notification via email. This notification will include login credentials to use the Arts Directory to request to book programs using grant funding. Grantees can reference the Booking Guide for help with the booking process. NOTE: application to this program does not guarantee funding. Do not book with a provider prior to award notification. 

Arts Every Day staff may visit during programs booked using Arts Experiences Grant funding.

Grantees must submit documentation of arts experiences through a post-experience survey.


Use of Grant Funding

Accepted grantees receive funding of up to $2,500. This funding can be used to book programs from Arts Every Day’s Arts Directory. Please review the following guidelines for use of AED grant funding:

    • Student programs must occur during the regular school day during the current school year.
    • Up to 30% of funding can be used towards programming at family and community engagement events occurring outside of the regular school day (ie, booking a teaching artist to lead a workshop at Family Literacy Night).
    • Invoices for all programs must be received by Arts Every Day by May 15th of the current school year though programs may continue to take place through the end of the school year.
    • Applicants are responsible for communicating effectively with Arts and Cultural Partners about all bookings. In general, this means responding to email communications about bookings within 72 hours.
    • Applicants are generally asked to request programs at least two weeks in advance. This allows adequate time for AED to receive and process documentation for payment to the artist partner.
    • Arts Every Day’s Arts Integration Schools Manager may visit my school and obtain visual documentation of AED-funded experiences, with prior notice.

For questions about the Arts Integration School Partnership, please contact our Arts Integration Schools Manager Sam Green at or call us at 410-685-1172 ext. 203.