This partnership is for schools with the administrative and staffing capacity to work on integrating the arts as a school-wide approach to teaching and learning. 

Schools will receive:

    • Wrap-around support in accomplishing your school’s arts integration goals, including professional development, coaching, and collaborative planning
    • Access to enrollment-based grant funding ($12/student, not to exceed $10,000) for student arts experiences throughout the school year
    • Competitive teacher stipends to support arts integration teacher leaders at your school


    • Arts Integration Schools Partnership is open to all Baltimore City Public Schools.
    • Schools must apply annually; partnership in SY23/24 does not guarantee partnership for SY24/25.
    • Due to the depth of partnership between Arts Every Day and Arts Integration School Partners, the program is limited to 10 schools annually.

Application Timeline

Applications for Arts Integration Schools Partnerships for SY24/25 will open in May 2024. Schools will be notified of their application status by August 2024.

Requirements and Participation

School-wide Arts Integration Partner Schools agree to work collaboratively with Arts Every Day’s Arts Integration Schools Manager to set Arts Integration goals for the school year and use a combination of professional development and AED-provided grant funding to help meet those goals.

Arts Integration Partner Schools must identify school-based individuals to serve in the following roles:

    • Arts Integration Coach–schools may choose to have one or two individuals serve in this role. Coaches may be educators, Community Schools Coordinators, or other school-based support staff. The total stipend for Arts Integration Coaches at each Partner School is $660 per school; this stipend is split equally among coaches for schools opting to have two coaches. 
    • Arts Integration Admin Lead–this role may be filled by a principal or assistant principal. Arts Integration Admin Leads will receive a $200 stipend.

For a more detailed description of required tasks, please see the Schoolwide Partnership Guide.

By participating in Arts Integration School Partnership, these individuals commit to the following responsibilities:

Use of Grant Funding

Arts Integration School Partners receive grant funding at a rate of $12 per student. This funding can be used to book programs from Arts Every Day’s Arts Directory. Please review the following guidelines for use of AED grant funding:

    • Student programs must occur during the regular school day during the current school year.
    • Up to 30% of funding can be used towards programming at family and community engagement events occurring outside of the regular school day (ie, booking a teaching artist to lead a workshop at Family Literacy Night).
    • Programs should demonstrate clear support of the goals set at the start of the year by the Arts Integration Coach and Admin Lead.
    • Invoices for all programs must be received by Arts Every Day by May 15th of the current school year though programs may continue to take place through the end of the school year.
    • Arts Integration Coaches are responsible for communicating effectively with Arts and Cultural Partners about all bookings. In general, this means responding to email communications about bookings within 72 hours.
    • Coaches are generally asked to request programs at least two weeks in advance. This allows adequate time for AED to receive and process documentation for payment to the artist partner.
    • Arts Every Day’s Arts Integration Schools Manager may visit my school and obtain visual documentation of AED-funded  experiences, with prior notice.


The total stipend for Arts Integration Coaches at each Partner School is $660 per school; this stipend is split equally among coaches for schools opting to have two coaches. The total stipend for Arts Integration Admin Leads at each Partner School is $200. For more information on compensation, see the Arts Integration School Partnership Guide.

For questions about the Arts Integration School Partnership, please contact our Arts Integration Schools Manager Sam Green at or call us at 410-685-1172 ext. 203.

Applications are NOW open!