While at Arts Every Day some skills I learned was how to be patient, I learned new skills with graphic design even though it wasn’t easy. Some other things I learned was that I have an ability to get things done on time or beforehand, which is a skill that I have learned most about myself over the summer.

Something that surprised me about myself was that I could do graphic designs like making flyers, posts, and digital artwork all on canva, which was a little hard but I got through it and that surprised me because most of the time if I find something hard to do, I would usually have the urge to quit or give up, but I didn’t do that over the summer.


Challenges I faced when working at Arts Every Day were definitely trying to deal with some of my anxiety added on by the stress from the work. I thought that the work I did wasn’t good enough and that my graphics I made looked a mess and things like that. Overall, I would say I conquered these challenges because they didn’t stop me from being my best self at work.

I learned that arts education comes in many ways and can be implemented into our everyday lived. One thing I learned about arts integration is that it is beneficial to the education system in schools, and it can be in many teaching methods.

I learned that working in a nonprofit organization is a lot to deal with; there are many things that need to be done in order for the organization to be complete. There is a lot of promotions through social media and there are many meetings during the day. Working in a nonprofit organization allows you to become more patient and open-minded; because of the many opportunities and emails being sent daily.

During my time at AED I went on many trips to see different kinds of art and also learn about art. My first trip I went to was at the law firm’s art collection; there I seen many types of art from different artists around Baltimore. It was nice to see how a law firm has a gallery of art because that shows how art is included in our everyday lives, and how art can be used in anything.