This week, our Bmore Youth Arts Advocacy Council (BYAAC) had the remarkable opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes experience at Glenstone Museum! Part of the BYAAC mission includes exploring careers that support art making- roles that may not always be directly associated with the creation of artworks, but are essential in facilitating the idea behind suck works, like production, presentation, and preservation of art. 

Archivist Nathan Avant gave a presentation on archivists as a career path, where students learned about the purpose and function of archives for a museum or organization such as Glenstone.  The students also met with the engineering team with a demonstration on operating a Bruce Nauman piece. 

Students were then treated to a visit with Glenston Director and Co-Founder, Emily Wei Rales, who heard reflections from students about their experience that day. The trip ended with a walk through the Woodland Trail to see Simone Leigh’s newly installed sculpture, Satellite

Through site visits like these, BYAAC members learn all about viable careers in and around the arts- that there are so many opportunities and careers for creative people out there in the world!