This week we are pleased to highlight another longstanding Arts Every Day provider–Creative Nomads! Creative Nomads offers a variety of school day programs in addition to their extensive community work. Today we’re featuring one of Creative Nomads’ programs that has already been enjoyed by students at one of our partner schools–Youth Yoga!

Youth Yoga with Creative Nomads supports student wholeness skills. This program is a hands-on learning activity that may include guided meditation practices and yoga poses to bring awareness to and strengthen emotional intelligence, allowing for the recognition, understanding, expression, and regulation of emotion. These skills are necessary for mental health fitness, enhanced learning, and decision-making for success at home, in school, and in the world. Physical fitness and enhanced movement is also an added support of these sessions.

Additionally, Youth Yoga helps to integrate mindfulness into the classroom as well as providing opportunities to talk about shapes, incorporate counting, and other skills like team building.

Creative Nomads’ Youth Yoga program provides a fun experience that is often new to the youth served. Most of Creative Nomads’ Learning Leaders (facilitators) are people of color, creating an inspirational experience for students as they see instructors that look like them who are well versed in teaching this practice.

For more information about Creative Nomads’ Youth Yoga program and other school-day programs offered to Arts Every Day schools, check out their page in our directory. Don’t forget to also check out Creative Nomads’ website and Instagram to learn more about the work they are doing in and out of schools!