Today’s Arts and Cultural Partner Spotlight highlights Baltimore’s own Clayworks! 

We are so excited to have expanded Clayworks programming back in the Arts Directory, including several school-day programs for students as well as some great family and community engagement opportunities. In talking with Christina Marsh, Clayworks’ Director of Community Arts and Engagement, I was inspired to hear about how thoughtfully Clayworks instructors are connecting the hands-on medium of clay with community building and social emotional learning. Exciting new offerings include “Clay-ing Around: Game Design Intensive” and “Building BIG!” Most programs are customizable to fit with school needs and class size, and many programs can even accommodate schools without kilns. Clayworks’ offerings include programs for students in grades K-12.

Learn more about Clayworks on their site, and check out their schools program offerings on their page in our Arts Directory. We cannot wait to see what students create!