Arts Every Day believes in the power of the arts.  That’s why we work endlessly with Baltimore City Schools (from the students all the way up to district leaders), local and national arts and cultural institutions and organizations, and with policy makers in Baltimore and throughout Maryland.  

We do this because we believe that it takes a village to make a real difference and when it comes to fighting for quality and equitable access to the arts in Baltimore City Schools, we know that the power to create social, economic, and systemic change relies on collaboration, community, and creativity!  

So we invite you to take at just some of the ways we have been working together to inform, advocate, and inspire students, teachers, and our communities. Everything we’ve been able to accomplish and continue to work for would not be possible without the support of everyone who believes in our work.

We thank our donors and invite those who have not yet given to please consider making a tax- deductible gift before our fiscal year ends on June 30th!