On February 13, 2024 the Office of Fine Arts presents Version 2.0 of the Fine Arts Strategic Plan to the Board of School Commissioners. In addition to a new set of five-year benchmarks, Fine Arts Plan 2.0 includes an Equity Addendum to further align the plan with the district’s Racial Equity Policy. This is an important next step towards ensuring the arts for every student in Baltimore City Public Schools. Please join the virtual meeting to show your support and commitment to ensuring that all of our students have access to the high quality arts education that they deserve!  


How to Join: The meeting will be held on Microsoft Teams

Show Your Support:  Be sure to add “Arts Advocate” after  your name so that our arts advocate community presence is evident. Here is how to change your name on Teams:

  • Open the Teams app.
  • Click your profile picture at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to “General” and then “Profile”.
  • Click on the display name field to edit.
  • Enter your new display name and click “Save”.

About the Fine Arts Plan: With the support of a 2017 NEA Collective Impact grant, over 100 individuals representing parents, students, educators, arts partners, philanthropy, district and city leaders collaborated to create Baltimore City’s first Arts Education Strategic Plan since the year 2000. Since the district adopted the plan in 2018, over 140 arts teachers have been added district wide, 3 central staff have been added to the district Office of Fine Arts, and significant State and Federal funding has been invested in arts expansion. Implementation is guided by an Advisory Committee and Working Groups. School year 2023-24 is the first major benchmark of the Version 1.0 of the Fine Arts Strategic Plan with the goals: 1) Grades PK-5 enrolled every year in visual art and music classes, dance and theater units taught within physical education and language arts, 2) Grades 6-8 enrolled in one or more arts classes every year with option for continuous discipline-specific instruction. 3) Grades 9-12 choose from all arts subjects to complete the art graduation requirement. Students can enroll in one or more arts disciplines each year to specialize and prepare for college/career in the arts.

For more ways you can show your support or for more information about the Baltimore Arts Education Initiative, please contact Sheena Morrison at Sheena@artseveryday.org.