Arts Every Day announces its selection as one of eight recipients of the T. Rowe Price
Foundation’s impact grants. The foundation has committed a total of $2.25 million to foster
growth in the nonprofit community in Baltimore. Over the next three years, Arts Every Day will
be granted a total of $225K, equating to $75K. With this contribution, the T.Rowe Price Foundation will support the continuation of The Baltimore Arts Education Initiative, which has achieved notable successes, with 91% of K–5 students now enjoying weekly access to visual arts instruction—markedly up from 60% in the 2018–2019 school year.


From T.Rowe Price Foundation:

Nonprofits are at the heart of the Baltimore community. They are immersed in the city’s culture,
understanding the specific and unique challenges our community faces. These nonprofits have
taken an active role in fostering transformation in our city, and we understand that they are the
most equipped to meet the city’s challenges head-on,” said John Brothers, President of the T.
Rowe Price Foundation. “That’s why with this series of impact grants, the T. Rowe Price
Foundation hopes to support and build upon the already successful work being done by
Baltimore nonprofits. With strategic initiatives and intentional funding, we aim to provide
essential resources to our city’s nonprofits to support their mission, teams and overall, the
community they serve.

The T. Rowe Price Foundation has pledged $6.5 million in grants over three years to address
critical gaps in Baltimore’s nonprofit sector. Established in 1981, the Foundation has already
provided over $170 million in grants, with this commitment its largest yet. Starting in 2025, the
funds will be distributed across three portfolios, with the first one valued at $2.25 million
supporting eight nonprofit initiatives focused on building a healthy nonprofit community in
Baltimore. The Foundation’s grant-making strategy was informed by meetings with T. Rowe
Price associates, community leaders, and global thought leaders, as well as insights from the
2022 State of the Baltimore Nonprofit Sector report. The remaining funds will be allocated to
additional impact portfolios, with announcements planned throughout 2024, reflecting the
Foundation’s commitment to diversifying its impact strategy for the Baltimore community.