Arts Every Day is thrilled to be hosting our annual summer conference! We are excited to again be offering a variety of sessions that focus on arts integration in ELA, Math, Social Studies, and Science classrooms, and help participants gain facility with the materials and techniques of diverse art forms. Make sure to register for this amazing free opportunity to learn more about Arts Integration!

August 8 – 9, 2023
City Neighbors High School

5609 Sefton Ave, Baltimore, MD 21214

Arts Providers Fair

August 9, 12:00 – 3:35PM

Meet representatives from local arts and cultural institutions, meet teaching artists and see what exciting opportunities are available to schools and students!

View the full program of courses and times here! Use this program to learn more about our sessions and presenters and plan which sessions you plan to attend during the conference. Plus, find out more informatin about AU requirments and evaluations. 


Alysia Lee

President, Baltimore Children & Youth Fund

Unique Robinson

Multimedia performance artist, poet & professor

2023 Summer Arts Integration Conference Session Offerings

African Fashion and Textiles: Integrating Culture and Art into the Classroom
Abisola Yelé Oladeinde

This engaging session, led by fashion designer and entrepreneur Abisola Oladeinde, introduces educators to the rich world of Afrofuturistic fashion and Adire textiles. Participants will gain insights into these powerful African art forms and explore how to weave them into their teaching practice. The session includes a hands-on activity, allowing educators to create their own Adire-inspired textile designs, fostering an immersive understanding of these cultural art forms.


Big Ideas/Little Books
Linda Whelihan

Artist/Educator Linda Whelihan will share a variety of engaging book forms that students of all grades will enjoy making, manipulating and utilizing as a platform for their reflections and Big Ideas. No previous bookmaking experience necessary, just bring your enthusiasm. We’ll explore printmaking and binding techniques, pop-ups and various creative structures that will allow students to express themselves while offering teachers alternative ways of evaluating student understanding.  


Building a Culture of Inquiry in the Art Room
Jessica Thompson

In this workshop, participants will gain an intimate understanding of how I use an inquiry-based approach to learning in my Fine Arts classroom with the goal of having students  navigate the development of original ideas and concepts for works of art using trans-disciplinary research, brainstorming and experimentation. Participants will dive into the inquiry cycle and gain an understanding of how I break down the creative processes needed to conceptualize original ideas while also allowing students to explore and practice technical skills and a variety of materials.


Difficult Conversations about Living History: Integrating Art in Social Studies Curricula
The Walters Art Museum, Weiwen Balter, Manager of School Communities

Difficult Conversations about Living History: Integrating Art in Social Studies Curricula will explore strategies for fostering critical thinking skills, examining history from multiple perspectives, and making connections between historical and current systems of power. This session is targeted for high school social studies curriculum. We will also focus on how to use art as a launch pad for fostering inter-group dialogue and structuring difficult conversations. Participants will walk away with knowledge on how to help their students engage in conversation where they can respectfully discuss, integrate, and disagree with others opinions.


Drama Games for Social- Emotional Learning
Building Better People Productions/Lynne Streeter Childress

Play and Learn! In this participatory workshop, attendees will be introduced to drama and improv games that can promote social-emotional awareness in their students by first playing them during our session! These games encourage and enhance your students’ social and emotional skills (and yours, too!) while also being super-fun. They can be adapted however is useful for you and can be a part of a lesson, or be brought out whenever you feel that your class needs a little something. There will be games that encourage imagination, movement and teamwork. Attendees will go home with a copy of the games to play with their students and groups.


Effective Integrations: Finding the Sweet Spot
Meredith Kaunitz of Art. Play. Learn.

Integrations are fun but they can be a lot of work…if you are trying to work outside of the sweet spot. Every set of subjects has a place where they naturally intersect, a sweet spot. Finding that sweet spot is the key to creating integrations that are not only effective, but are also less work to set up and run and more fun for everyone involved. Whether you are a Teaching Artist working with non-artist teachers or a Teacher looking to get more creative in your learning activities, developing this skill will save you a ton of time, energy and other resources. This skill can be applied to any integration of any subjects, art forms and content.


Intro to Science Illustration: Botanical Watercolor
Molly O. Hoopes, Naturalist, Baltimore City Rec and Parks, Horticulture division

Get a taste of science illustration while using traditional watercolor techniques to render part of a small natural object. Learn a little about the history and career options of botanical art and science illustration.  Practice color mixing.


Mindfulness as a Means of Creativity
Emily Fleming Yoga In Classrooms and Schools Consulting

In this session, participants will practice and explore various ways they can use mindfulness with their students to promote creativity within the classroom, and on classroom assignments including mindful observation and mindful movement. Additionally, participants will discuss how mindfulness can be used to enhance classroom learning and content knowledge across a variety of subjects and how to incorporate mindfulness into assignment rubrics.


Music Puzzles for Tweens & Teens
“Dr. Mark” E. Turner (Dr. Mark’s Studio)

Kids love to solve problems and build things. Music puzzles allow kids to create musical orchestrations and practice fundamental concepts in math and music. In this session you will experience how easy it is to build music from the ground up with drag and drop audio files. Using free audio software, you will create your own version of Beethoven’s Für Elise and be able to grab your kids’ attention with this authentic experience in music and math. Learn how the patterns in music puzzles supports kids understanding of ratio, persistence, measurement, proportion, probability, permutation, combination, and predictable patterns. AND-THE-COOL-THING-IS, they might enjoy working on a music puzzle at home. This session requires a laptop and the open-source software, Audacity.


Positive, Peaceful Classroom Management
Meredith Kaunitz of Art. Play. Learn.

In this session, we will explore positive and peaceful classroom management strategies that work with all ages and across all art forms. Many schools and teachers have attention-grabber techniques but they are not effective ways to deal with unwanted behavior. When it comes to unwanted behavior the best defense is a good offense. You will learn how to create an atmosphere that prevents unwanted behavior and strategies that unplug the energy source of unwanted behavior in those rare occasions when it rears its head.


Social Justice and Education: Engaging Students in Education and Creative Writing
Christopher D. Sims

This presentation will focus on the importance of education when it comes to social justice issues, and how teachers can incorporate creative writing in their educational practices. We will also examine how creative writing is being used to address social justice issues in schools, at community spaces, and where youth are gathering to express themselves. The presenter will share his poem “Poetry That Gives Birth to Revolution” to share an example of creative writing focusing on social justice issues to inspire teachers to use similar poems to inspire youth to write and express themselves.


TEACHING AN ART UNIT FOCUSED ON STREET ART: Creating an activating street art unit to both inspire your students and cultivate civic responsibility to their communities.
Liz Miller/ Mural Art Tours Baltimore

Creating an activating street art unit to both inspire your students and cultivate civic responsibility in their communities. You will be guided through how to create a thoughtful unit on street art and community revitalization. Exploring how to personalize the unit so that it is embedded with meaning, creativity, potential field trips, and civic engagement. Pick and choose which gems to plug and play in your own future lesson.


We Are Our Stories
Rev. Raymont L Anderson, D.D., Ph.D., Msc.D.

Every person has a story but not every person knows how their story influences and impacts not only their own lives but the lives of others as well. Stories and the Language we use has the power to traumatize as well as the power to transform, transmute, and transcend various aspects of our lives. This session will assist the participants in identifying their own stories, the power of their language, and the importance of stewarding our stories in authentic and empowered ways.


Baltimore Arts Integration Project Teaching Artist Sessions


Supporting Neurodiverse Learners in Artmaking and Performance
Kammeran Giggers

Kammeran Tyree Giggers, founder and Executive Director of R.I.S.E. Arts Center, will explore how students who are neurodiverse can use their unique skills to help create unique and captivating forms of art. Giggers will share performing arts activities, lessons, and other resources to support teachers as they work to create a safe, nurturing, and inclusive environment for their neurodiverse learners.


To Make is to Understand
Katie Gill-Harvey

This session will introduce teachers to the practice of making art as a way to process thinking. Making art allows us to see connections between ideas or things in a way that passive learning or thinking cannot. By presenting artmaking as a process of exploration, students will discover new connections between ideas and gain a deeper understanding of their own learning.


Embodying Meaning Through Theater
Mitch Harris

In this session, Mitch Harris will use theater techniques to support literacy development and creative writing. By using physical embodiment as a precursor to composition and as a correlation for strong word choices, participants will discover new ways to approach creative writing. This practice also cultivates empathy and group problem solving.


Finding Rhythm in Our Community, One Beat at a Time
Murray Piper

Murray Piper, founder of Passionate Drumming, leads us in an interactive activity as we find musical instruments in our everyday environments, discover how fun and easy it is to make music, and build community together.


Shifting Shapes
Noelle Tolbert

This movement and dance-based session will help participants develop range in their senses while exploring the root of shape shifting. Teaching Artist Noelle Tolbert will provide space and tools that further develop ways that dance and movement continue to surface in our everyday practices.


To Be Human Is To Be Musical
Dan and Claudia Zanes

In this session, Dan and Claudia Zanes will  use a handful of old and new songs from here and there to illustrate different ways that teachers can use music to bring a classroom together. We believe that to be human is to be musical and that every teacher has the capacity to encourage more joyful expression among young people. No previous musical experience required; come as you are!


Baltimore Arts Integration Project School Site Info Session
Angela Marroy Boerger, Director of School Programs and Learning, Arts Every Day

This Info Session will provide background on Arts Every Day’s USDE-funded initiative, the Baltimore Arts Integration Project, and its expansion in School Year 2023-24 through direct partnership with three School Sites. We’ll explore the requirements and benefits to BAIP School Sites as well as what Arts Every Day is looking for in potential partner schools.

Arts Every Day is excited to bring back our Arts Providers Fair!  This is great opportunity for teachers and principals to learn about exciting and new programs, exhibits, and shows being offered to schools in the upcoming school year! Meet local teaching artists and representatives from over 20 arts and cultural organizations across Baltimore and Maryland!

The Arts Provider Fair is open to the public! All teachers, principals and schools are welcome to join in and learn more about offering available to them.  Check out the list of providers below! This list is subject to change. Please keep checking here for the most up-to-date list of participants!

Afrikan Youth Alchemy
Art Play Learn
Art with a Heart
Arts For Learning
Baltimore City Recreation and Parks, Horticulture division
Baltimore Museum of Art
Bash the Trash
Black Cherry Puppet Theater
Building Better People Productions
Chesapeake Shakespeare Company
Christopher Sims
Creative Nomads
Dr. Mark’s Studio
Eirini Linardaki
Everyman Theatre
Kwame Shaka Opare // Engage Creativity
Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Center, Inc
Linda Whelihan
Maryland Center for History and Culture
Mural Art Tours Baltimore
Nuestras Raíces Inc
R.I.S.E Arts Center of Baltimore Inc.
Rhonda Robinson + Baltimore Jazz Alliance
Suzanne Herbert-Forton  (Arts for Learning)
Maestro Ensembles
The Marching Elite Foundation
The Walters Art Museum
Whitney Grace Frazier 
Wolf Schlossberg-Cohen Studios, LLC
Yard Dramas
Yele LLC
Yoga In Classrooms And Schools Consulting