John Tyler is an artist, founder of Love Groove Music Festival, and film scorer for Under Armour, Bloomberg Philanthropies, and Maryland Public Television.  At 16, he released his first album and has since released three more, with his latest album being “The Good Side of Things”.  This project highlights his abilities to merge multiple genres into one.   At 17, John started Love Groove Music Festival to bring together young artists from different genres to showcase talent and to offer learning and networking opportunities.  This year marks his fourth showcase featuring an All Women’s Virtual Show to raise money for local artists and Johns Hopkins Breast Cancer Research.  John aspires to compose music for major films and to continue to give back to his community through Love Groove Music Festival.

BORN: 2000 in Baltimore, Maryland

LIVES: Baltimore, Maryland


“Collaborating allows you to have growth as an artist because everyone has a different mind- they hear and see different things.”